In 1986 when teaching of 10+2 system was shifted to the schools from colleges.

HPSLA came in to existence in 1986.

Since 1986 following Lecturers worked as President and General Secretary of HPSLA

1986-87:- Sh. Naresh Sharma                President,     Sh. J.S. Dhiman                 Gen.Secy.

1987-89:- Sh. Babu Ram Verma           President      Sh. J. S. Dhiman                Gen. Secy.

1989-91:- Sh. Babu Ram Verma           President       Sh J. S. Dhiman                Gen. Secy.

1991-93:- Sh. Babu Ram Verma           President      Sh J.S. Dhiman                  Gen. Secy.

1993-95:- Sh. Babu Ram Verma           President      Sh. P .C. Parveen              Gen. Secy.

1995-97:- Sh. J. S. Dhiman                     President      Sh. B. D. Sharma               Gen. Secy.

1997-99:- Sh. Kamwaljeet Thakur      President      Sh. Ghanshyam Kapoor  Gen. Secy.

1999-01:- Sh. Kamwaljeet Thakur      President      Sh. Ghanshyam Kapoor  Gen. Secy.

2001-04:-   Sh. J. S. Rao                           President      Sh. Anil Nag                       Gen. Secy.

2004-06:- Dr. Ashwani Kumar             President      Sh. Sushil Kumar              Gen. Secy.

2006-08:- Dr. Ashwani Kumar             President      Sh. Kalyan Bhandari        Gen. Secy.

2008-11:- Dr. Ashwani Kumar             President      Dr. Pramod Pathania       Gen. Secy.

2011 -onwards: - Sh. Narotam Thakur       President      Sh. Rajender Thakur        Gen. Secy.